Fai ciò che più ami,
allo stiro pensa Elnapress



Fai ciò che più ami,
allo stiro pensa Elnapress



Do what you love most,
Elnapress will take care of the ironing

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The advantages of Elnapress

Elnapress advantages, wrinkle-free


The Vapojet system vaporizes water directly onto the garment. This innovative spray-process combined with the pressure and the temperature of the heating plate create the “Natural Vapor” effect, rejuvenating the fibers of the fabric and bringing out their colors and softness.

Heating plate

The heating plate is made of a special aluminum alloy (Peraluman) with multiple diffusers. The heat is distributed evenly and the heating surface is 10 times that of traditional irons.

Ironing board

11 layers of Finnish birch alternate with Swedish pine with an external cover in cotton. Thanks to the exclusive qualities of the materials, heat never travels beyond the base, allowing it to be placed and used on any surface.

Jeannette sleeve board

This unique system allows the user to speed up the ironing of shirtsleeves and other difficult places where a traditional iron can’t reach. Elnapress gives you perfectly-ironed cuffs.

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